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The Art of Florin Ion FirimiÅ£ã


"Florin Firimita has broken into the grey bank of contemporary art and has filled its sanctimonious chamber with marvelous color and creatures of legend."  
                                                                                                                  -  Andrei Codrescu

"It is as though you are always, really almost always, on the edge of your seat ready for something to amaze you, to strike you deeply, to fill the tank that is at its most warm when brimming. You're an artist. The toes of your eyes/ ears/ sensibilities/ emotions are on the starting line almost ready for the gun to go off. And then you're off, too." 
                                                                                                                   - Dr. Gregg Grinspan

"Remember when you were a child and got your first kaleidoscope?  You turned the lens, pieces fell into place and a picture formed before your eyes.  I think of Florin's mixed media as kaleidoscopic. The force of his inner thought turns the lens, objects come into focus, a picture forms. Each object has meaning for the artist and the placement of the objects is intentional. I've known Florin for years so I consider, reconsider, return to take another closer look at each new piece. I try to enter his world but always find myself circling back through my own life. His art is a journey. I travel into the past, stand in the present and see into the future. The journeys are soul searching. I never view a piece of art by Florin and walk away unchanged. I've had a conversation. We've exchanged important ideas. His works of art make me think more carefully about the work of living."

                                                                                                                     - Linda Batt